About Us

Each of us is different, and post about different topics, projects, interests, thoughts, etc. We have some common beliefs, however:

Anyone can be an Artist

We believe that a good level of art competency can be developed in any person, much like the acquisition of language and writing skills. Pencils and paintbrushes are tools where technique can be taught. Practice in seeing and doing improve fine motor skills needed by artists to express themselves as they would like to using their choice of tool.

Singing in the Shower

Yes, this little corner of cyberspace is somewhat like singing in the shower. It’s a safe place, a supportive environment, to show your stuff, to try new things and fail or succeed, or neither. There’s no right or wrong, no pressure to perform. It’s all about the fun, and the love of being creative!

We love our Earth

We respect the Earth in what we do and produce. Often the materials we use will be natural or recycled items. We will continue to explore environmentally conscious alteratives for art materials, methods and techniques.