Friends United

The wind brushes my silky hair as I walk the mountain pass. I hear my footsteps echo in the pass. The wind is ruffling the lamb coats I attempted to sell in the market. ‘Gaia! Over here!’ I call. Within a minute, the leaves rustle and she is thrown to the ground out of the tree.

‘The trees had a “great” idea of passing me through their branches. As you can see, they don’t understand height very well. They only understand, uh, something like us climbing on them.’

Green steam billowed from a cut on her leg. It really looked like she was in tune with her element, nature. It took me a while to figure out that I was glowing blue. Okay, I thought. AMBER!!!! Get over here! Suddenly my mind was filled with images of toasty marshmallows and embers. I got through, all right. A few seconds later, a column of fire erupted in front of my face and out spilled Amber onto the ground.

‘Gaia, call Wisp! Um, bird whistle or soul whistle- the one you use to call your soul back.’


A beautiful sound issued from her lips. When she was done, Amber looked almost disappointed. I had forgotten how beautiful her whistle sounded. The wind picked up, the trees shook, and the dust made a dust devil. Out of the dust devil stepped a beautiful girl with sandy brown hair. She was barefoot and wearing a simple white t-shirt and a pair of silk pants.

‘Wisp,’ Gaia complained, ‘you’re late!’ Then she broke out in a fit of giggles and then Amber bust out in giggles too. Then we all started laughing good-naturedly. In fact, we were nature together. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind. Four. To be continued…

NDP Song

Just yesterday the government predicted an election.

They’ll be Con, and Ser, and, Vatives!

There is no NDP in sight! he said, but

Things are turning around I think, the NDPs in the lead!

Not a single thing in the way, there’s the NDP instead.

I see NDP ahead, I see NDP ahead,

Just as long as we’re united, they’ll be NDP instead.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossom





Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon